IMB Racewear® designed “4 You, By You” prides itself on individuality. Our fully custom designs allow sim and real life racers to make the impact they always wanted. All the owners have years of experience in the sector, amalgamating expertise in manufacturing, design, esports and the highest level of motorsport to bring you a truly unique offering.

Our fully customisable product range bring benefits you can’t get from off the shelf products.

Iain Berryman, Chief Executive Officer



One of our core principles is quality and we make sure this is found in all our products from development to production.

We use a mixture of experience and modern techniques to bring the highest quality custom products to you.

When it comes to manufacture there are many options to be explored and unlike quick, dated and value processes our team wear items are fully sublimated onto polyester for the 100% custom option whilst providing the most durable and quality finish for the hard wearing environment.

Sublimation printing is outstanding for fine lines and details, and arguably one of the best methods for all-over printing avoiding the issues with other printing options such as heat pressing where the graphics peel or scratch off over time.

It's great for small runs, sublimation printing will only ever transfer the inks, so there is no almost-sticky feel, and the inks become a permanent part of the material. The printing is so close to permanent and pretty much unbeatable for resolution and longevity.


IMB has taken its time creating specialist products developed in house to bring the highest quality and custom levels to the consumer. Our gloves include a unique grip palm design to maximise your driving feel whilst being finished in top specification Amara. The sim boot is made from high grade leather and the IMB bespoke design specifically focused for the hard wearing racing role it will undertake.

At the heart of all of the hard work is our customer. The focus is always on what we can do for you when creating productions and shipping to you. Designing a fully custom product is not a small undertaking and a part of yourself is put into that design, so we treat it with the respect it deserves. Product updates as production or delivery progresses alongside specific custom packaging for each product type creates an industry leading all round customer experience.